Poem challenge 2 ( gift, acrostic)

“God gave you as a gift to me,”I told you,”He wouldn’t take you away.”
I was ungrateful, I later realized, I hurt you. I threw you away.
Frustrated with myself is what I felt. I wished for your forgiveness.
Trust is what I broke, just like I broke your heart to pieces.


8 thoughts on “Poem challenge 2 ( gift, acrostic)

  1. I really like this. It shows I’m not the only person that threw away someone special to me and broke trust. They said it gets better. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone

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    1. Ziosattic, you are definitely not alone and I’m not just talking from the point of someone who experienced this but also with the awareness that there are many others who’ve gone through​ the same thing aroundthe​h world. I’m glad my poem has made you feel less alone in the matter and it does get better. All I can say is we should just​ try to be more cautious with people.

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    1. This has been the best comment I’ve received so far because it has managed to change my perspective on my own poem. I’ve been seeing it as a poem about someone​ but now I realize it can be about anyone or thing.

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