Poem Challenge 3 ( skin, prose)

I like the skin that I am in. But sometimes I feel uncomfortable within my own skin. I like my complexion though I know I’m not perfection. But other times I wanna give myself scars when I’m having rough days, breaking down in the backseats of cars. But I know now that it is not the fault of my flesh, but it is my self-destructive behaviour trying to take it out on myself. But this isn’t about my behaviour. This is about my skin, definitely not the soul within.

Did I mention I have moles, about four on my face. I feel like God did work on me, He put them in the right place. Oh and I do have scars from when I was a child, I used to play all sorts of games, I’d get injured but I was wild. My scars definitely hide memories of my adventures as a kid before I grew older and into a 9-5 routine I slid.

And how could I forget that month the skin on my hands went dry. Something was wrong. My skin was irritated and I wanted to cry. But all’s better now. My hands are soft as ever now. It was just a worry of the past and it sure didn’t last.

I love my skin, it’s a canvas for the soul inside to express itself by decorating the skin it lives within.


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