Poem challenge day 4 (Imperfections, Limerick)

She looked into the mirror.
Insecurity is a
She’s a warrior.
Not inferior.
Insecurity is a killer, It certainly won’t kill her.


12 thoughts on “Poem challenge day 4 (Imperfections, Limerick)

  1. Hey hi .. saw you at a friends posts…. I must say that the beauty with which you have written this candid and precious poem is amazing … i never imagined this way .. and the design of your blog is also so simple yet attractive .. i like it very much ….

    And i just hope that you will spare a minute for my blog and just tell me how could i become better than me.. 🙂 I will be glad .

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    1. Hello 🙂 Thank you for saying kind words about my poem and also my blog. I checked out your blog and I must say that I see you’re trying to be inspired and also get inspired and I think you should really look into the things that have hurt you or affected you, the pain of your life and then try to bring light to those topics eg, if you feel insecure empower yourself by looking up poems like the one I wrote. Read and write as much as you can and I think you’ll have more followers in no time.

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      1. i am not hurt but just disappointed with some acts of us all and i just feel to motivate people by putting some light on it … and thanks for the advice i am glad you came and i will do as you said..

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      2. yes you are absolutely right … I just thought to start a day towards sunshine although i know the clouds will come in my way but i know ultimately its the sunshine that matters … i hope you got my point dear…

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