TrendTakes is a place for us to challenge ourselves and try to see just how creative we can get. This is a fashion and photography blog, run by two people S and H. We post weekly. Each week we have a theme. A completely random theme. We then take the theme as inspiration and incorporate it into a sketch and a photo. By limiting ourselves to a randomly chosen theme, we try to explore the limits of our minds and try to be as creative as we can be.

I’m 16 years old and I’ve always had  a passion for photography. I take pictures for the blog. I started this blog to improve my photography. I felt like I needed to practice more photography and challenge myself. -S

I’m 17. I’m interested in fashion designing and I make the sketches. S and I have been friends for a while and when I showed her my sketches she asked me to start blogging with her. -H


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