Poem day 5 ( Maps, odes and metaphors)

We’ve all used maps at some point in our life.
Good maps guide us correctly, the do not lie.
I, sadly don’t know how to use these paper maps.
It’s ok though, I have a better one. It leaves me speechless, I ghasp!
Not many people use my map but I am willing to share.
For my map is simply the night sky, try to understand if you care.
It’s the diamonds up there that guide me, not these paper maps!
These maps are just a small convenience, suited for my lap.
But lovely is the map I prefer.
It’s so beautiful, my emotions start to stir.

Poem Challenge 3 ( skin, prose)

I like the skin that I am in. But sometimes I feel uncomfortable within my own skin. I like my complexion though I know I’m not perfection. But other times I wanna give myself scars when I’m having rough days, breaking down in the backseats of cars. But I know now that it is not the fault of my flesh, but it is my self-destructive behaviour trying to take it out on myself. But this isn’t about my behaviour. This is about my skin, definitely not the soul within.

Did I mention I have moles, about four on my face. I feel like God did work on me, He put them in the right place. Oh and I do have scars from when I was a child, I used to play all sorts of games, I’d get injured but I was wild. My scars definitely hide memories of my adventures as a kid before I grew older and into a 9-5 routine I slid.

And how could I forget that month the skin on my hands went dry. Something was wrong. My skin was irritated and I wanted to cry. But all’s better now. My hands are soft as ever now. It was just a worry of the past and it sure didn’t last.

I love my skin, it’s a canvas for the soul inside to express itself by decorating the skin it lives within.

Poem challenge 2 ( gift, acrostic)

“God gave you as a gift to me,”I told you,”He wouldn’t take you away.”
I was ungrateful, I later realized, I hurt you. I threw you away.
Frustrated with myself is what I felt. I wished for your forgiveness.
Trust is what I broke, just like I broke your heart to pieces.