Poem Day 7 ( Neighborhood, Ballad)

                                                     The Ballad of The Worst Neighbour To Exist
His name was Jacob, Jake for short
I didn’t like him,
he was a punk of some sort.
One day on a whim,

The idiot decided to torment my cat.
My cat’s name was Billie.
He started chasing her around the neighbourhood with a baseball bat.
I didn’t believe this at first, I thought the idea of that happening was silly.

But of course it had to be real,
He forced my cat to climb up a tree.
By this time, I was so angry. I yelled “What’s your deal?”
When he saw my anger he wanted to flee.

Just when I was about to say more,
He backed up,
he said,”What you so angry for?”
he started to climb up the tree,”wish me luck!”

Something I’ll never do is to wish him luck,
though I wanted Billie to be OK.
He was the reason Billie was in a tree,stuck.
Thankfully he got Billie down, then I walked away.

I still dislike the guy.
What a punk!
On him I’m still keeping an eye.
I don’t trust that piece of junk.